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Searching for tools that can help you with your business? We already did the searching for you, and created this site to give you the most valued and most effective tools out there. No need for trial and error, no need to waste your time for extensive research. Just try out these tools that we offer… and boost your business in no time.


Tools Built For the Web

Automated Customer Support

Chatbots are the future of customer support for a busy business person. You want to concentrate in growing your business, but, you also can’t ignore customer inquiries. This smart chatbot can handle your customer support department all on its own.

Hosted Shopping Cart

Are you an online seller? Do you sell on your social media accounts? This hosted shopping cart can give you the ability to have online payment without having to set up a website.

Fully-Customized Online Form

 Create any form, for every need… the way you want it! Plus much more… 

Interactive Video

No doubt videos are taking over our lives. You see everyone watching videos on their mobile phones. But there is a kind of video that’s on a different level… its a video which you can choose the storyline. 


Automated customer support with smart business bots

  • Chatbot platform for natural language customer support
  • Omni-channel (Facebook Messenger, Twilio SMS etc)
  • Seamlessly integrate with CRMs and CMS
  • Make more sales with e-commerce integrations
  • Build and deploy in days instead of months
  • Easy-to-use LEGO™ for chatbots
  • Visual chatbot builder for non-tech people
  • Connect your live support framework easily

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Don’t own a website? Try this hosted shopping cart

Zero Fees

No fees, no hidden costs, no gimmicks. Payments from customers go straight to your payment gateway account.

Unlimited Shopping Carts

Create unlimited shopping carts for your products. Customers purchase straight from your website or social media page

Payments Integration

6 Stripe integrations including credit cards, Alipay, Giropay, EPS and iDeal. You can also use Paypal, Bitpay and Cash on Delivery.

Fast to set up, easy to use

It’s so easy to create shopping carts, even your grandma will find it simple to sell online!

Smart Stock Management

ecure stock transactions make sure you don’t get orders that you cannot fullfil. You can also use variants and add delta costs.

Informative Dashboard

See dynamic metrics, track which campaign performs best and monitor your progress over time periods.


The shopping cart is localized in 20 languages. Assign languages to shopping carts and expand into new markets.

Digital Downloads

Automated delivery of your digital products directly to your customer. Support for licenses.

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Make Bookings with our smart forms

Create simple appointments to compley events… no need for expensive websites. All you need is a landing page.

Automate Workflows & Save a lot of time

Automatically send your users’ responses via email with the format you want…even turn it into a PDF file

Full Control Over The Page Design

Give it a try today

“I got my landing page up and running in less than a day!”

Toptech’s smart forms made my data gathering so much easier. It can actually do everything for you. Just amazing!

“I tripled the size of my gym enrolees!”

I was able to manage my registration, class sign ups easily with the help of TopTech’s smart forms

“worked like a charm for my hOMe business”

Been using the free online builder on the web to get orders from my customers, it just isn’t enough. This form that they created for me just gives me more time to focus on delivering the goods to my customers


Keep your viewers entertained and engaged.

Creating an informational video? An explainer video? Sometimes long videos make oyur viewers get… well, sleepy! Unless you make them interact with your video. Give them the control on how to watch it, let them choose what they want to know


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